Fabric Heaven

(See Amy-chan, I told you I was spoiled)

A package arrived in the mail about 10 days ago and I was stunned to see the antique kimono silk (above) folded neatly inside. On a delicate piece of seasonally appropriate stationary (momeji, of course) was a letter about a new boy and a lucky find at a flea market. She always knows what to send to put me in the best mood.

Then on Wednesday my two bosses came back from a recruiting trip to Tokyo. Before they left I had hinted to Chris that they would be passing through the Kichijoji station with the 7 floor Yuzawaya (which Marisa mentioned here ), but I didn't think he'd remember the name or the cute knitting ram symbol on the signs, let alone actually go there and buy fabric for me. But as I mentioned before, Mr. O, a Tokyo native, knows quite well my passion for handicrafts, so when I dropped him the hint, I knew he would know exactly what I was talking about.

Thank you, thank you, Mr. O.

Chris came back with 2 meters of this fabulous green and cream print: And Mr. O brought me a meter of this:

(the colors are perfect, aren't they?)

And small cuts of these:
(plus one more I didn't photograph)

What will I do with it all? The antique kimono silk will make a nice table runner, but the others will take some time to tell me what they want to be. For now I'll just pet them nicely and appreciate how lucky I am to work for people who know me so well.


Violette said...

Lucky you. The fabrics are beautiful. Enjoy them

dot said...

You are a lucky girl. These fabrics are wonderful. Enjoy them and I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Sarah Jayne said...

What great fabrics. No wonder you're so pelased.

Peggy said...

Those are beautiful fabrics! What nice gifts!

carolyn said...

those are beautiful!! :) yay for lovely stash acquisitions.

Nettie said...

Oh, lucky you! i used to live in Tokyo, before i was a quilter, and fell in love with the washi, the paper that looks like kimono silks. Wish someone would bring back some of that for me!

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