business trip

I've just come back from an incredible three days in Toronto.
I had been anxious about a number of things, one being how my boss and I would end up spending the time together. I was pleasantly surprised to find that we get along quite well. Equally surprised to discover that his ex wife was a quilter. We spent a few hours each day wandering through the maze of stores (PATH) and when I found an alterations place that also carried thread/yarn/embroidery stuff and my face lit up, he did the most unexpected thing... he said, "go ahead."

This, and a few other things, has quickly boosted him up on the list of my favorite people, haha.

This is what I look like when I'm not quilting.

I did manage to put a few stitches into the wall hanging, but over all the lighting in the hotel suite wasn't that great, and I was too tired to do it on the plane. Speaking of too tired.. i better get off to bed.


mangetsu said...

Sleep well then... nice posting. Great you enjoyed the trip.

Kelli said...

Cute photo! And yes, I know that business trip anxiety well. It is worse when you are suddenly asked to share a hotel room with someone you work with, but may not know very well. UG.
How great that your boss is a good guy!

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