Good timing

Our monthly guild meeting is tomorrow night and this time I will have two tops for show and tell. The top photo is the mile-a-minute scrap quilt that I have been working on for the last 3 weeks, I've named it "Comfort Star." I've decided to send it off to be machine quilted (a first for me) and I'm going to the machine quilter's studio this afternoon to check out pattern options. I still have over 25 mile-a-minute blocks that did not fit in here because of color or size, but that's ok, because I am planning to make two more.

The bottom picture is my "Travel Quilt #1" (yes, this means I have started a Travel Quilt #2) which was pieced as I bounced around the globe this spring & summer. Done completely by hand, I worked on it in the following locations:

Fall River, MA
On the plane to Tokyo
at Narita Airport, Tokyo
Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan
Evergreen Park and Chicago, IL
On the plane to Madrid, Spain
at the airport in Madrid
On the plane to Athens, Greece
Athens/Kifissia, Greece
I plan to hand quilt it too, but haven't started that yet.

Both quilts are made from fabrics I had in my stash (except for two greens i used for the stars in the travel quilt, I didn't have enough greens...), and both will be gifts for people that I love very much. pictures and more info will follow (in a few months) once the quilts reach their new homes.


Not Lucy said...

I really love the star quilts - each for a different reason but both awesome!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful quilt tops! Bet you are excited for the show and tell. Your center star in blue and yellow is awesome. The photo gives a perfect "looking from a distance" perspective.

carolyn said...

they're both beautiful but i am particularly in love with the bottom one. wow!

corry said...

Beautiful!!! I love the travelquilt...the colours...the fassett border..WOW!!! I love to see how you gonna quilt this one!

The Calico Cat said...

Wow - hopefully I can get more done on my travel applique project. This inspires me...

Lexi said...

beautiful darling, as usual! and the japanese fabric (different post) is stunnnning. You must be thrilled. Hope you're having a good day.

Sarah Jayne said...

Ohh..... I've tagged you.

Lesly said...

Oh now this is more like it - stars are way better than hexagons. Look at that gorgeous quilt! This may be the answer! Thanks, Jessica!

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