Scrap History

Late last night I sat down to do a very mindless activity and started to sort my scraps. While most are still a big wrinkled tangled mess, I know have cute labled ziplock bags for squares less than 3"x3", squares bigger than 3"x3", long narrow strips, short strips, wide strips, bias strips, and a great big (one gallon?) bag of scraps the right size/shape to cut into 2 1/8" diamonds for English paper piecing.
This morning I came in and saw my scraps lying around in the sunlight and thought a few of them deserved a bit more attention. Most fall into the "too small to use but could never throw away" category, but each one has deep memories attached. Please click the link to flickr to read the notes, the scrap history.


Marilyn R said...

Since your scraps bring so many memories back to you it sounds like you need to make something with them. Sew the little pieces together and try another mile a minute block. I call my blocks crumb blocks when they have so many little pieces. They actually have more of a crazy quilt look to them minus the fancy hand stitching. Have fun!

jude said...

i love scrap stories.

corry said...

It's so funny that even if we had a thousand scraps, we know the whole story of each and everyone of them! Loveley scraps!

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