About me

I'm a young American quilter.  I live outside of NYC and spend my summers in Athens.
I learned to quilt in Japan in 2002.  I've been stitching obsessively since then.  I start a lot of projects and finish them when I finish them.  I don't mind working on the same quilt for a few years.  I enjoy spending time with the memories that are captured in pieces of fabric, and I stitch memories of how I spent my time into the quilts I make.  I don't quilt for money and if I give you a quilt it's because I really really love you and I don't know how else to show you.  If you want to know how I think or how I see the world, ask me to tell you about one of my quilts.  It's all in there.  All the stories, all the secrets, all the daydreams.  Ready to keep us warm.
If you have any questions, please email me= jessicaintheforest (at) yahoo (dot) com

(backdated, written 5/30/10)

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