Applique kit

And here it is, my little applique kit. Oh this brings back memories. I started it in 2003. You can tell because the initials I couched on the front include my maiden name. I know why I wanted to make this, but now, looking back, I've got to laugh at myself. This would have been the third sewing kit I made in a year. First I made one with Mrs. K in Tomakomai (the first sewing project we did together), then I made a copy of that one, but in purple because I was in a purple phase, I guess? And then I decided I needed another, smaller one, to carry with me when I did applique outdoors. Huh, yeah, that's why I wanted to make it. See, there was this nice big wooden porch-type swing near the swimming pool in our apartment complex in Atlanta, and I would go out there while everyone was sunbathing and.. well, you get the idea. The bigger sewing kit was about 6"x9" and had an elastic that could hold 2 spools of thread, pockets inside for small scissors & a little ruler, a square pocket for other notions, and a pentagon pin cushion. My paired down version is 5"x5" and has a little elastic for one spool of thread, the same square pocket for my thimble and thread cutter, and a decked-out pin cushion. I originally made a pocket for small scissors, but I hardly use them anymore-- you can see it under the pin cushion.
The fabric I used in the pin cushion and on the binding (and also here ) came from a long scrap that Mrs. K had been using to cover the raw edges of her green & yellow pineapple quilt as she quilted it. After she was done with the quilting, she gave me the scrap. I wonder if she'll be surprized to see how I've used it.
And today I've been working on another project in preparation for the trip.. Mrs. K told me that she is planning to have all the women from her English conversation class over to the house one day to meet me. She promises that they are all excellent cooks and said that they're planning to have a little pot-luck of sorts. Sounds like fun, so I decided to whip up a few omiyage for the ladies. So far I've got two down, 6 more to go. This is one of the fabrics I'm using, can you guess what I'm making for them?


Peggy said...

My guess--pot holders? LOVE the crochet on the pin cushion!!!

jessica said...

nope, not potholders, but that is a good idea...

Sarah Jayne said...

I’d just like to say I’ve been looking at your blog for a while now and wanted to let you knopw how much I like it. It’s even got me to start up my own:

Anonymous said...


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