Sometimes you cut, and sometimes you sew

After what's turning out to be a very productive month in my sewing room, I was quite content to spend today's naptime just cutting fabric.

This morning I sorted through a pile of scraps from Shannon and made little sub-piles to be cut down and put into 3 projects I've got in the works-- Travel Quilt #3, a leaders & enders with 2.5" squares, and then I set aside some bright centers and tiny triangles for my new obsession-- maverick stars.
I have been so inspired by the creative energy on display over at 15minutesplay that the other night I handed Costas a small clock and asked him to tell me when 15 minutes had passed.  It turned out that these stars take 20 minutes start to finish (including finding, pressing & cutting fabric), but once I started I just couldn't stop. 
I don't have any plans for these right now, but it's so fun to use the teensy tiny scraps in my triangle box for the star points.  I like having this project waiting on a corner of my cutting table so I can whip one up when i know I only have 20 minutes. 


shannon said...

those are very pretty....i like the orange on the best...i like that the points are two different prints...where'd you get the idea?


Amber Dawn said...

Cute! I discovered these stars a few months ago and now have a pile of 20 or so. It's exactly like you said - it's nice to have something you can complete in a short amount of time and use up all those tiny bits of fabric I can't throw out. :)

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