Oldies but goodies

While I was at home in Chicago, I had the chance to take some better photos of the quilts I made for my dad and sister in 2007.  I love going home at taking the time to pour over them again, studying, remembering, reliving the making of both quilts.  It's different then seeing the quilts I have around my house that are just part of the backdrop of my daily life.  I miss these quilts, but I'm happy they provide color for the backdrop of my parents' house.

Crosses - front:

Crosses - back:

I loved this fabric and I'm so glad I used it here because if not, it would probably still be in the stash..
Comfort Star for Lori:
This was my first attempt at crumb blocks, and "making" fabric for the 9 patch center:

a close up.  I could stare at this quilt for hours:
Whenever I go home my sister patiently listens as I retell her about every patch in her quilt.  Where it came from, how long I had it, if I used it anywhere else.  She is so patient with me.  I guess she has the patience of a quilter, but she has the gift to spend it on people instead of fabric and stitches.

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Judy in Michigan said...

I'm so glad you're home now - I sure missed your posts and I must say, I missed seeing George. He's getting so big!! What a cutie-pie. Love the quilts especially Lori's quilt.

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