just the 3 of us

I also did a little cutting for this project.

I bought this panel on my trip to Japan in 2007.  We didn't have kids then, but we were trying, hard.  I thought I'd make this wall hanging for our old house once we succeeded.  We did succeed eventually, but we combined "new baby" with "new house" and I even made a "new quilt" for the house to keep myself busy in a stressful summer of pregnancy and house selling/buying.  I read Texas Freckles' post today about all the stuff she's going through and commented on how I try to enjoy the slow moments in preparation for the hectic ones. It seems like I've had a lot of hectic moments between finding this panel and deciding what to do with it.  I hope I've got enough quiet ones to piece and quilt it before things get too hectic again.


Linda said...

Wow! You're sure being productive! The wall hanging is really cute.

Lurking Linda

Anonymous said...

OH...I love the OWLS!!! So cute!
Love your blog!

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