Better pictures, finally~

I finished the paper, and I finished a quilt last week.  I'm saving it for the Blogger's Quilt Festival though so you'll have to wait 10 days to see it. 
Trying to get a good photo (using Bonnie's pics as an example) before we pack up and go to Greece, I threw these two on the fence as well because I didn't have enough pics of them (yeah, because not only do I need fabric, and need to make quilts, but i also need countless photos of the process and finished textile.  Sometimes I really do love what quilt-blogland has done to me..)

This is my SR quilt, an adaptation of Kaffe Fassett's Bird Boxes:

I made this quilt for our new house and it has been on our bed since Sept. 2008.  I loved waking up to it every morning but recently I was itching for a change, so I finally stitched the binding on to my T-shirt quilt which I will reveal (and tell the whole story, of course) for the festival...
(ETA: terrible confession-- this morning i changed my rotary cutter blade.. the last time I put in a new blade was when I was making this top..)
And then I took some more clear shots of the 1994 scrap quilt:

It is still kind of windy outside so I had to act fast before it blew off the fence.  This quilt has lived on our living room couch since I finished it in December.  It's long and narrow (66x90") and perfect for Costas to curl up with while watching TV.  It's also the quilt George naps under, because most of the time he still naps on the couch (on the couch or in the car.  I take what I can get..).  More detailed shots will be over at flickr shortly.


Amber Dawn said...

Wow! George has gotten so big!

Dee said...

Love the quilts! That one on top it ginormous!

Cute kid too! LOL

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