Dee said she wanted to see some pics from our "vacation" (funny to call it that, 5 weeks is a long time to be on vacation), and I was caught a little off guard, I hadn't been planning to post any.  I guess in my head I'm so wrapped up in quilty thoughts that it didn't occur to me to share the scenery from this corner of the world. 
But, I guess it wouldn't hurt..
George at the beach in Nea Makris
An evening stroll
The view from the car as we drive from the house to the beach (little winding mountain roads; this year we discovered that George gets carsick..)

Is he too young to appreciate the sunset?  That's why I take pictures..
ok, that's all for the first installment.  I'd love to promise I'll post them all on flickr, but honestly, I don't think I'll have the time.  All free time must be spent sewing to preserve sanity.  Sometimes 5 weeks with the inlaws can really focus a girl on her quilting...


shannon said...

when are coming back to this side of the planet? you are missed!


i have something to tell you....plus i'm sure that package is starting to feel really rejected...

Judy in Michigan said...

I love your photos of George - you could post one or six on every blog - I would love it. Does he understand Greek? Do you? I find it all fascinating and also your quilting. Safe trip home.

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