Pictures of Greece, part 2

Last weekend we spent 3 days in Kymi, on the island of Evoia.  People, I swear, this has got to be one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life.  Costas commented to one friend about how beautiful it was, and the friend said, "it's not beautiful, it's paradise."
We stayed at a really nice hotel overlooking the Aegean sea, you know, the kind where the pool kind of melts into the sea? (in appearance only, there's actually a 2 story drop and a road, but those aren't in my picture..)

And what did I do at the pool?  Quilt, of course.

This is a shot from the restaurant's terrace, you can see the road (which doesn't have a guard rail in some parts..)
I wanted to take so many other photos of this place, but the car was moving too fast.  I was also preoccupied with George's potential carsickness.  I hope I only have to hand wash the carseat cover once this summer..
It was sooo beautiful though and that weekend, we all relaxed.  The perfect getaway to recharge your batteries.


Dee said...

Next time, don't forget to pack me!

PJ said...

all the pics are breathtaking!!!

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