The unofficial Quilt Guild of Greater Athens

I had started a post a few weeks ago, planning to finish it and post from Athens once we got here, but alas, I totally forgot to upload the coordinating photos (which are stored on our home computer) so that post will have to wait til the next cross-atlantic trip.  Instead, I bring to you news from the second spring meeting of the Unofficial Quilt Guild of Greater Athens.  Pictured below are the two founding members (read: the two only members):

What do you think, Constantina?  Can we call ourselves a guild yet?  hehehe.  We meet twice a year if we're lucky, usually in coffee shops, but we've been know to meet in bowling alleys as well.  Show and tell involves new pieces of the same quilt I've been working on for the last 3 years, and any new notions I've been able to stash in my suitcase for Constantina.  Lots of good deep, quilty conversation though.  The stuff blog posts should be written about, if I ever find the time.  We discuss quilt-blogland, online quilting trends, taking time for ourselves, finding meaning in fabrics, why it seems greeks don't love quilting as much as we do, quiltstories, and I try to explain about real life (as compared to online) quilting in the States.  It's difficult to explain though, so we're tentatively planning our first fieldtrip to New York (hehehe).

At our next meeting we may try to get in some actual sewing time, (which should be fun since we're both working on Eng. paper pieced diamonds) wish us luck, and if you're in the neighborhood and would like to come sew with us, please let us know~

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