public crafting

years ago, Whip up (does anyone still read whip up?) had a month of posts on public crafting.. and well, i'm still at it.
Today I put George down for a nap and scurried off to the salon down the street for one of the best pedicures I've ever had.  I swear, Greek pedicures have Long Island pedicures beat, hands down!  First of all, they take about an hour, compared to the 20 minute Korean-American version.  And my feet are soooo soft afterwords!  but back to my story...
George was asleep, I needed to quilt.  But, I also needed a pedicure.  Obvious solution, quilt at the salon.  I haven't ever done this in the States, but I've quilted in loads of other public places (starbucks, airports, you get the idea) so I figured I'd give it a shot.  Thankfully, the salon employees were too stylish to show their shock too openly, but the owner's husband who lead me to the waiting area and offered me a coffee looked a little confused when I pulled out my stars... I just smiled and said I was fine. 

The girl who did my pedicure was polite about the quilting, but no one here ever shows any real interest.  No matter, I pieced a bunch of stars together and this section is growing pretty fast, which makes me happy.
I left the salon with cute toes and tons of self confidence, feeling refreshed and pampered.  It was fun, let me know if you try it too.


Dee said...

Looking down at my gnarley toenails and feeling shamed. They need trimmed and painted again. Sigh. Unfortunately, no professional pedi for me. Although, hubby might be persuaded...he's offered!

The stars are amazing. Hope the time of pampering helped and is giving you a relaxed evening!

Amber Dawn said...

What a great idea! I'll have to hint to Will that I need to go get a pedicure soon.

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