What a difference a blade makes

I changed my rotary cutter's blade today and wow. I can't believe I had been trying to make this quilt with such a dull tool. Slicing speed definitely picked up after the change. I still need some 300- 2.5" squares but I wanted to piece some sashing strips first to see how the colors are balancing out. I don't know which fabrics to cut next..
I love how this quilt is coming out, but 2" square sashing is HELL. beautiful, but so annoying. If I didn't want this quilt on my bed so badly (and hadn't already made an appointment to go see the long armer on the 25th) it probably would end up as a fast and forgotten UFO. I will plod along though. Tomorrow I'm going fabric shopping to search for a suitable backing and binding. Wish me luck~


amandajean said...

there is nothing better than a brand new rotary blade.

can't wait to see the quilt finished.

Zegi said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll find the perfect back.

African Kelli said...

that looks like a beautiful project. can't wait to see how it develops.
also, i regularly have that "a-hah!" moment with sewing needles. Replacing the needle makes the project SO much easier.

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