The paper is coming along.  I am all set for the presentation portion on Wednesday and the last 3rd (the analysis section) is nearly complete (or, well, i only have 3 more pages on that part!). Tonight I'm treating myself with some wasted time spent reading my old blogposts, you know, clicking the little links at the bottom of the post there...
reading stuff I forgot I had written.  You know I've had this blog now for 4 years.  FOUR YEARS.  And I didn't celebrate my blog-versary with a giveaway or anything trendy like that.  Sometimes I really miss how blogging used to be back in 2006.  So so much different than it is now.  Less etsy.  Less designer fabrics.  More photos of people's kitchens... And on my own humble little blog here, more words. I used to write really long deep posts.  Sometimes about quilting but a lot of times about life.  I was still growing (I am still growing), still sorting things out.  I've got a much better handle on a lot of those things now (for one thing, I found quilters in Athens!) but now I've got new stuff to sort out-- grad school and family, housework and guilt.  Some of it I'm not so sure I want out here and open on the internet.. (I should mention that this is the subject of the paper I'm writing= the hell that insues when stuff you write online comes back to bite you in real life..)  But I do miss pouring my heart into thoughtful blogposts.  I like looking back and reading myself, revisiting how I saw the world at that particular time. 
Ok, enough melancholy non-quilt-related posting for the moment.  I should get to bed before the kid wakes up for his midnight snack.  But wait, first I want your opinions...

1)   List 3 blogs you really love these days and why.
2)   What's your favorite aspect of the quiltblogland community at the moment?
3)   How long is too long to keep breastfeeding?  (Loaded question, I know.  I have my own opinion on this, but i'm curious to know how YOU feel about it..

ok, thanks.


The Calico Cat said...

1. I am whittling my blog list down (again). I enjoy most of what I am reading - I just think that I have too many to read. Not the answer that you were looking for huh? Tallgrass Prairie Studio, Be*Mused & Crazy Mom Quilts - no explanation.
2. finding bloggers who are bucking the "advertise this qiveaway on your blog" trend - A giveaway is fine, but does it need so many rules?
3. Jacob fired me at 9 months, in my mind that was not long enough - so I never got to the stage where I had to wonder how long was too long. I think that it is answer that is to be determined between mother & son.

Leila said...

1. Blackbird Designs - everything they do is lovely!, Curious Bird - just an honest, fun blog about nothing much in particular, Jane Brocket - posts about England = daydreaming about England

2. I'm not too sure that I'm a major participant in quilt blogland (see list of mostly non-quilting blogs above for proof) so I don't know that I have an opinion here. I just like seeing how other people feel about things that interest me. That's just the fun of blogs all the time!

3. N/A - sorry!

Congratulations on being almost finished w/your paper and on 4 years blogging!

Dee said...

KT quilts for fun.

Nacho Mama's Quilt

Fluff and Nonsense and

Simply Cotton are just a few.

My favorite aspect of blogland is the eye candy quilt shows every day!

I breastfed until my child was ready to give up, not until I was ready to give it up.

Good luck on the paper!

Amber Dawn said...

1) I've gone on a blog vacation of late by only reading those of people I actually know in person and are friends with (which is only 4 blogs). It just got to be too much to try to keep up with all of them and now I'm trying to thin the list back down to a manageable size and do a little "catch up".

2) I always find so much inspiration when I read quilt blogs. People out there are doing some really creative and amazing things and I just wish I had the time/energy/money to try them all too!

3) I weaned Dominic about 10 days ago. He had naturally given up most of his feedings during the day and was pretty much only nursing as a means to fall asleep at nap time and bed time. I started moving the nursing times earlier each day so that it was no longer associated with sleeping (since we wanted him to be able to sleep without it and finally let someone else put him to bed). After about two weeks he was no longer asking for it at all and I was having to offer it to him every evening. He hasn't asked for it once since we stopped. It was a hard decision but it just seemed like a good time.

Anonymous said...

1. quiltville Bonnie inspires me with her quilt tips and old looking scrap quilts

patchworktimes Judy makes me laugh daily with her funny stories about hubbys green shirt or the dog or the chickens. she also has great patterns and quilt alongs.

exuberant color I am inspired to try and use more color in my quilts. Her quilts are so colorful and gorgeous.(I am not afraid, I am not afraid,----Yes I am but I am hoping to cure being afraid of color)

2. I love to find inspiration in blogland and also verification too I suppose to just see that other women go through what I go through- Tifs with hubby, how hubbies are so different from us, stories of inspiration from others giving quilts to veterans or victims- its all good. even occasional recipes. I like to see real life and I think that is why quilting is so popular because women get together and it is a social event as well as a hobby.

3. I never had children but I tell you with the first tooth showing up it would be no boob for you! LOL

PJ said...

TOTALLY AGREE! (how blogs used to be...no twitter, no facebook..) For the 3 blogs I love: LEAVES OF GRASS, MISS WOOLY KNITS, and QUILT IN ME.

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