194 and away we go~~

After adding on the sections I completed in Chicago & Boston, Travel Quilt #2 now has 194 stars!! And I have "freed" 90+ plastic templates to work on the next section while we're in Greece. Yay!
Getting things taken care of around the house before we go is a bit hectic and stressful-- major home improvements right before (and during) a long overseas trip is....(not my idea?) a lot to handle, for one thing. The house looks awesome though, and I'm sure we'll be surprized by the changes when we get back. For now, I'm going to try to focus on packing and not worry about anything else. Wish me luck.

In baby news== George got his first tooth and started crawling. More like, he was happy to be able to crawl the first day and since then he just wants to climb all over everything. Good times. He has started eating some table foods too (and turning his head away from my lovingly-homemade baby purees). His current faves: asparagus and toast.


Pam said...

My baby (who's about the same age as your George) did the same thing -- now that she's eating finger foods, she doesn't want anything on a spoon. And this happened just a day or two after I spent a ton of time and effort making purees from fresh fruits and veggies and getting them in the freezer! So I've been tossing spiral pasta with the purees, or spreading them on toast or crackers and getting her to eat them that way. :)

Your travel quilt is beautiful! And so is your little boy. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, beautiful little boy. I love that quilt too. Great work!!

Anonymous said...

That is one amazing quilt coming along there! Cute George picture too.


Sarah Jayne said...

George looks so cute in his suit. You are going to have your hands full with him crawling aren't you.
So glad to hear your back and ha d a good time.

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