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aagh! no substantial posts for almost a month! I'm ashamed that I stopped documenting my life like that, how will I ever remember what we did with June?

Things We Did in Chicago:

+relaxed with family
+drank tea
+sang songs from my childhood
+spent time with Aunt Lori

+Practiced crawling
+Played with cousins (and got our first taste of rough-housing)

+went to garage sales
+Learned about dogs

It was a very good, relaxing 2 weeks with my family. George traveled well, but didn't sleep that great once we got there. It took him a few days to get into a rhythm (me too). I love love love my family, it was good to see them.

Things We Did in Boston:

+enjoy the ultra-posh hotel Costas booked
+learned to sit in a high-chair

+Played with Japanese girls

+George went to his first wedding (and the bride fell in love with him!)

+and he wore a suit!
+Visited lots and lots of friends in just 3 days
+Enjoyed the roadtrip~

Summer travels aren't over yet-- next stop= Athens. George's first international flight (any advice for how to spend 10 hours on an airplane with an 8 month old?), more family, more food, more fun. I have no idea what the status of the internet connection is at the house in Greece, will post if I can. I pieced a lot of stars in Chicago and more while Costas drove to and from Boston, I'm sure I'll keep at it through the rest of the travels, let's see how big it gets by september..


wevegotpaper said...

George looks very handsome in his little suit! :)

Julie xox

makiba said...

why my girl's butt showing?

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