here we are!!

(taken about 20 minutes before this post)

Yay! we're in greece!
it's hot, but George loves it. He gets lots of attention, has tons of people to play with, and his Yiayia gives him foods full of sugar when mom isn't looking!

the baptism went well (some pics on facebook already), if i get digital versions of the photos from the hired photographer maybe i'll write a post. the after-party was devine.
tonight we're going to another family party, should be fun.

Other fun stuff:

George is learning to bowl with his new "Farm Bowling" set.
It has been raining a lot.
The house across the street got struck by lightening and caught fire. George's godfather ran over and put it out. Costas ran after him and slid down the marble staircase outside (it was still raining heavily) and ended up at the hospital. No serious injuries, but a great story...

George has also been practicing how to walk, and getting better day by day (can't do it alone yet, but loves standing up).

Ok, that's all the internet time i have now. let's see if i can post again next week.


Hunny Bunny said...

Oh what fun! I'm glad Costas is okay. George is so big and handsome I hope you enjoy your vacation.

wevegotpaper said...

Yes, it looks hot! I love the first photo and your dress is gorgeous!

I'm glad that you're having fun in Greece!

Julie xox

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