Sunday Stash #1

"What's in my stash?" I asked... This morning I pulled out these two:

The first is a sweet plum blossom floral from Moda. When I took the photo, I realised it would make really nice curtains in the sewing room, but sadly I have only 2 yards. I bought it at Fabric Place in Randolph, sometime in 2007?

The second is an Alexander Henry print (?) with small asian houses. I only had a yard and used most of it in my t-shirt quilt. I wish I would have found it earlier to throw some into the front of the anti-depression quilt, I guess I'll just stick some on the back. I have no idea when I got this fabric or where I bought it. It was already established stash by the time I pulled it out for the t-shirt quilt in '07.

So what's in your stash? Head on over to Tamara's and play along.

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