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does every modern quilter in blogland have the same fabric? Am I the only quilter under 35 that does not own ANY Fleamarket Fancy or Katie Jump Rope?

I LOVe the quilts that modern quilt-bloggers are making these days, but it strikes me a little that they ALL have the same fabric in them. Hmm. Didn't anyone have a stash before they had a blog? or is it just that everyone has more disposable income than I do? (probably true)

Shannon had asked a question about trends in our LQS, but I guess this is a trend out in blogland (because these amazing quilt-bloggers definitely aren't hanging out at my LQS, unfortunately). It just feels like I'm the odd man out, fabric wise. I love my stash, but it seems to be lacking in what's "new" and "trendy". This isn't the first time I've felt this way-- back in Atlanta in 2003 I wasn't buying the trendy fabric either, but still, my stash grew somehow. So what's in my stash? Maybe I should join StashSunday and post some treasure from my stash once a week. (sorry, i can't remember whose blog does that.. comment if you know, ok? **edit** it's 1/4 of an inch) Oh but wait, that means I'd have to go back to planning blog posts and arranging photo shoots to take advantage of good lighting, to uploading and editing photos, linking to flickr and back again. Ahh.. the good old days when I had time to do all that. Now I'm happy if I can sew for 10 minutes, take a shower, and have meals at a decent hour all in the same day.
Anyway.. i should get off the computer and go sew something while he's asleep..


Libby said...

Ha ha...sometimes I am amazed at how much disposable income I calculate people to have based on their fabric stashes. No you are not the only one - I like a lot of that fabric, but I don't have it either (except maybe a fat quarter or two). On the other hand, I get a little bored of it because you see it everywhere - I like a little more variety in quilts, and I guess my stash reflects that. I also figure that quilts that rely solely on those modern fabric lines will look really dated in a few years, and using a wider variety of fabric makes quilts more timeless. Maybe I am justifying :-)

shannon said...

hey jess-
i don't own any of it either. i think i have a PIG that i strated for a shop sample of the flea market fancy, but i'd rather have the real thing (feedsacks). i also didn't care for katie jumprope. it looked reproduced, collection-y. it was like 8 designs in different colors....but i agree, i'd rather stash fabrics that speak to me, not because they're 'in'.

be*mused jan said...

Although I add to my stash regularly and weed out true undesirables once in a while, I try not to make quilts that are *of one era* or from one line. I prefer a rich mix of time periods and color trends in my quilts. I think many of the current quilts you see on blogs will quickly look very dated. But hopefully the joy of making them will spur new quilters on to develop richer fabric palettes/stashes.

The Calico Cat said...

I've commented at least once that Denyse Schmidt does not live in my area... I have quite a few of her fat quarters & grandiose plans to use them, but...
(Ditto some of the other trendy fabrics...)

FWIW, I am so glad that I finished my blue/brown quilt because that combination does not speak to me anymore... :o) (Hopefully I won't be saying that about other bits from my stash...)

Zegi said...

I don't have any of that fabric either and I'm under 35. Well for a few more days, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well I thought I would finally add a 'real' comment as I have been 'lurking' for the past couple of years. I am English but married to a Greek and have lived in Greece for a number of years.

I am envious of you. I think that your collection of fabrics is probably what makes you a true quilter. Isn't it much easier to buy a collection from Moda, colours all matching etc and just ready to piece together. Doesn't that take away part of the fun and skill. I wish I were more confident. Your work is wonderful and I hope that you do find the time to show us some more of your hidden treasures!!

Constantina, Piraeus, Greece

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