February 20

Do you ever feel like a million things are happening all at once? The potential for change is in the air... hopefully it's an early sign of spring.

Here is Dan's Morsbag:

I discovered that I can stick stuff on the fridge and get good lighting coming from the kitchen doors, neat, huh? The top fabric he used I've had forever (read: since college) and I'm happy to see it go into a project, but sad that I won't see this bag again. There is an 8"x7" scrap left, so that will have to get incorporated into a future project.

At the Monday night SCQguild meeting we discussed our UFOs and what to do with them. I have all of those mis-matched blocks for the WQ that's going no where and I was really thinking about just taking the 6" string pieced blocks and turning them into something like Sarah's Roman Stripe. The guild encouraged me to continue with the huge sampler project, but I don't see myself picking it up again any time soon. We'll see what happens in the next few months.

Here is the T-shirt quilt all pieced together:

I spoke to my long arm quilter and she quoted me $175+ for the quilting. I'll really have to save some money first before I drop it off at her house.

Tonight I'm quilting Travel Quilt #1 and it's moving along pretty quickly. I've got a nice set of nails, so that helps. We were going to have a sit & sew this Saturday but it's been canceled because they still haven't finished the building repairs after the flooding in December. Not what I wanted to hear.. but what can you do? I should probably spend half of Saturday reading for class instead.


amandajean said...

that's the best looking t-shirt quilt I've ever seen.

carolyn said...

dude. i am loving how that t-shirt quilt looks. OH NO! now you've gone and given me something to aspire to! how could you! ;)

PJ said...

cool quilt!!!! Yes, I feel that way every day! It's when I have millions of creative thoughts in my head is when it gets a tad unbearable ;)

Quilting Mama said...

Your t-shirt quilt came out just great!

So did the bag.

It's sad when a planned quilting day gets canceled. I started doing them on my own when that happens since I already set aside the time. It helps take some of the disappointment away when I'd planned to spend the day quilting with friends.

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