Settling in

I've been in NY since Friday night but this move is proving to be more overwhelming than I had anticipated...

I love the house, Costas, not so much. (wait, I mean that he doesn't like the house, not that I don't like him). Everyday I run around and unpack some boxes, but today marks 34w and my energy is really really low. this doesn't help when my to-do list is all the sudden really really long. At least there's internet..

Will post details and maybe even photos soon. Bear with me.


The Calico Cat said...

Do husbands & wives ever agree on houses?

be*mused jan said...

We have been in our new house for two weeks and I'm still somewhat overwhelmed. Boxes still piled here and there, wallpaper to be removed, painting to be done, yardwork and several exterior issues that need to be completed before the winter weather arrives. And I'm not at the end of a pregnancy!
But I know from experience that eventually things fall into place and it starts feeling like home. (As my husband said this weekend, 'At least the paths are getting wider.')
Hang in there and don't worry, Jessica.

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