Surprise finds

I spent most of the afternoon unpacking the kitchen boxes and realized several things:

1. this house has about half the cabinet space as our last place.
2. the cabinets go to the ceiling, meaning I need a step ladder to reach half of the shelves.
3. I love my dishes <3
4. I have a pretty sizeable collection of cute Japanese dishes..

I was planning to put all the cute ones on display in a tall glass cabinet so I could actually use them, but that cabinet is filling up quickly and I keep finding more...

(sorry for the glare, I haven't had time to find good spots to take pics in this house yet)

Some of these I haven't seen in years, always packed out of the way so I could access the "daily" dishes. Well not anymore. I love these dishes! some of them I've had since 1996 and I've been carrying them around with me with each move. Once I find somewhere to put them all, I want to actually use them. And once they're better displayed (like, not on the carpet), I want to photograph and talk about them too.

Ahhh, moving. you'll never know what you'll find.

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