Housewife in training, Part 2= Ironing

I have decided that Wednesday will be Ironing day. Somehow by relegating this most-undesirable task to one day a week makes it seem a little more manageable. See, Costas is a big man. His shirts are often XL and most are Polo Ralph Lauren button downs. He looks great in them; maybe I'll appreciate that more now that I'm the one ironing.
I did 5 today. I couldn't stand to do anymore. Maybe Friday will become Ironing Day too.
Do you iron? I mean, I assume most people reading my blog are crafters of one sort or another, but aside from fabric projects, do you do the ironing for the family? Do you like it? And how much do you iron? Everything from bedsheets to underwear? I feel most reassured when I get feedback from real people. Thanks.
In other news, the weather is absolutely fabulous today so I took advantage of it by stitching a little outside with a glass of lemonade. Ended up with a little sunburn, but that's ok.
I also thumbed through "What to Expect when you're Expecting," the food parts mostly. Their guidelines seem impossible to live up to. My nausea is mostly gone, but I still don't have much of an appetite. I'm doing really good drinking milk & water, but when it comes to food I'm ready to throw my hands in the air. It's 2:30 p.m. and I still need to consume 7-8 whole grains, 3 protein servings, and all but one of my fruits & veggie servings. Costas wants pasta for dinner because he's fasting, but I think I'll need a side of chicken, shrimp, molasses, and half a grapefruit in order to be able to sleep without worrying. Once again, advice greatly appreciated~


Pam said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! And I think you shouldn't stress too much about your diet as long as you're not eating fast food for every meal, and are actually eating meals. :) I'm sure you are doing fine.

I'm pregnant as well (also due mid-October!), and I gave up on the "What to expect" diet really fast. I think it's impossible, especially if you're experiencing any nausea or loss of appetite. Instead, I've been trying to follow the guidelines in the American Pregnancy Association's Essential Pregnancy Organizer. You can order a copy for just the cost of S&H here: http://www.freepregnancyorganizer.com/

They also discuss the guidelines on the APA website here:

At first glance, it looks pretty similar to WTE, but it provides the guidelines in grams or milligrams, as well as servings. So, for example, according to the book, you need 60 grams of protein a day. I calculated that a vegetarian tomato cheddar melt on an everything bagel from Finagle a Bagel has about 20 grams of protein. That's a third of my protein for the day from a vegetarian sandwich (not to mention some of my grains, vegetables, and calcium). That made me feel a lot better!! Especially since meat has been pretty unappetizing for me lately.

Good luck!

Diana said...

On ironing--do you have a dryer? Take out the cottons while they are still damp, give each one a mighty shake out, and hang them up (on hangers) somewhere where there is good air circulation. Most wrinkles will disappear; you can just touch up the rest.

Little tulips said...

Coming out of lurkdom here... At first, congratulations on your pregnancy! About the ironing, I iron all the shirts of my husband and me. Also not my favourite task, as it takes 5 minutes a shirt. I hang them on a hanger after washing, that gets most of the wrinkles out.
Other stuff that I iron: trousers, kitchen towels, table cloths and bed sheets/duvet covers. (Definitely not underwear or t-shirts. (-:)

nora said...

Congratulations on your pregnncy! I wish a happy and healthy 9 months!

For your sickness, what time of day are you taking your vitamins? Might need to move it to later in the day- also, avoid takin them with anything citrus. Can cause great upset! (Voice of experience).

Helen said...

I'd much rather be sewing outside with a lemonade than ironing! Congrats on your pregnacy! Enjoy!

Rachel said...

I iron sporadically at best. I thought buying a pretty Cath Kidston ironing board cover would inspire me to do it more often, but that hasn't seemed to work yet. ;)

Andy has a few shirts that could stand to be ironed and I have some dresses and skirts that need it too. I think I'm going to do some laundry later, and after it's dry I'll iron what needs doing. Happily it's a sunny day here so I can actually hang it out to dry. ;)

rose (is red) said...

congratulations! i agree with what pam said...

and i had a similar reaction to the WtEwYE food recommendations - i freaked out and felt totally overwhelmed (and then remembered that my midwife told me of all the pregnancy books to read, that was the one she really wanted me to avoid!) so i didn't follow any of it (though i did go out and buy wheat germ and some other random things just like you did!). ultimately, i figured i'm generally a healthy eater, and i tried to stick to organics on the things that matter to me (milk/meat/spinach - which absorbs lots of stuff from the soil), and i felt like that was fine (and the baby's fine too!).

you've got to do what you're comfortable with, of course, but i do think that book is alarmist in a way that's not really helpful. as far as pregnancy books go, i really liked "from the hips", for what it's worth!

good luck!!


yes, i iron, but you shouldnt be up ironing in your condition - and anyway, i'd much rather be quilting than ironing!

Jennifer said...

I do enjoy ironing but not enough to do 5 shirts in one sitting (standing). I iron as needed, the night before I (or he) plan(s) to wear the clothing. I only Iron woven cotton or cotton blend blouses and shirts and cotton or cotton blend non-permanent press pants/slacks. I don't bother to iron T-shirts, sweatshirts or sheets.

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