getting back into the stitch of things

Since I started grad school and then got pregnant, I have lost all interest (and free time) for sewing. It's spring break now and I desperately wanted to get back into the creative groove, so before Mrs. K left, I actually broke my "no new fabric in 2008" pledge and bought a bag of scraps from Ann's Fabric & Sewing Machine center in Canton. They have a "Treasure Chest" and you can fill up a large zip lock bag with scraps for about $10. I thought new scraps would inspire me to sew some more diamonds on the Travel Quilt #2.

But then of course I was busy. The last two days of the Kubota's trip we ran all over Boston, and then on Saturday morning C & I headed to New York to go house hunting. I had washed some new scraps, but didn't have time to iron or cut out diamonds. I did manage to stitch a few stars in the car though, which was nice, and now that I've got some time this afternoon I wanted to sew some more. Thanks for the comments on my post about morning routines. This week I'll do a little trial and error and see what works. I really like the "Monday is wash day, Tuesday is ironing" sort of old fashion routine, but at the moment my weeks don't have much of a routine either.
This morning worked out ok though:

+make coffee
+throw in laundry
+make breakfast
+unload dishwasher while breakfast was cooking
+eat & discuss grocery list
+clear dishes, wash pans/coffee pot
+change bed linens
+change wash loads
+blow dry hair

then C and I went to buy a Lottery ticket (our first ever) and pick up my car at the shop. He went to work and I stopped for a few groceries. I'm trying really hard not to turn on the TV.

I could do more chores but I think I want to sew now..


The Calico Cat said...

Have you ever shown the back of your diamonds? I think I will make one of these quilts for my little sprout (7 wks 5 days) - I have never seen the "tail" that I see on your diamonds...

Zegi said...

Good luck with the lotto!!!

Jessica said...

Hey Calico:
I'm using Corry's method explained here: http://dutch-blue.blogspot.com/2007/04/be-charmed.html

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