Housewife in training, Part 1= Routine

So, now that I have the house to myself again.. it occurs to me that I am going to become a housewife. I used to want to be a housewife desperately. In Hokkaido I meticulously observed every single thing Mrs. K did, knowing that my time would come some day. But then it's here now, and as I noticed this week, I'm not good at it.

During their stay, every morning Mrs. K would walk Costas to the door as he left for work while I lazily slept off some pregnancy fatigue or other exhaustion. He thought it was really sweet of her. So I tried it today, and it is really sweet. And then he left, so I started to clean the house.

my first host mom in Kyoto used to vacuum the living room every morning after Otoosan left for work. Most Japanese women I know do laundry first thing in the morning, so I did that today too. I even hung it outside because it's really nice out today. yes, but, it feels strange. maybe it's the pregnancy.

And what about making a lunchbox? Oh, so many things to remember to do, so many things to get organized...

what should I do next?

for those of you who are housewives, what are your morning routines?


SuzyQSparkles said...

Oh! Routines!!! I can do that!

I've learned A LOT about routines and home organization from FLYLady!

FLYLady always says that the MOST IMPORTANT routine of the day is actually the BEFORE BEDTIME ROUTINE, but, here's my morning routine:

1. 5:45 - Hit the ground FLYing!
2. Contacts In, Workout Clothes On
3. Drink a glass of water and have a piece of fruit.
4. Exercise
5. Journal & Meditation Time
6. Clean Cat Litter
7. Swish and Swipe (bathroom)
8. Shower
9. Kitchen Trash Out
10. Get Dressed to the Shoes
11. Take Vitamins
12. 7:30 - Get Everyone Up
13. Make the Bed
14. Feed Cat
15. Put Away Dishes
16. Breakfast
17. Wash Dishes & Shine Sink
18. Brush Teeth
19. Check Calendar
20. Plan Dinner
21. Dust
22. Kelly’s Zone Mission (M-F)
23. 15 Minutes Outside
24. Snack
25. Board Game / Puzzle (Homeschool)
26. Worksheets (Homeschool)
What a way to start my day!!!

SuzyQSparkles said...
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SuzyQSparkles said...

Here's another FLYBaby's morning routine, set to the alphabet:

Arise and
Bathe and make the Bed
Clothing, shoes,
Eyes and
Face and
Grill (teeth) and
In the bathroom-swipe the mirror.
Just swish 'round the toilet once
Kids get dressed, we
Load the wash
Make the meal and drinks with lids
Now eat, feed pets, drop off the kids.
On to check the calendar
Put away the dishwasher
Quickly take your choice of pills
Reboot the laundry
Say "I will!"
Take and fill your water thing
Update your checkbook~ balancing?
View your goals
Write things to do
X-amine your email
You're ready now

hunnybunny said...

Congratulations on all the great changes in your life. Flylady can definitely be a wonderful tool, I use it when I fall out of routine. The one tip that I'd like to offer you is use your crock pot sometimes. It doesn't have to be cream of whatever there are a lot of great recipes out there. When I don't feel well, have some crafting to do oar anything family related later in the day, I always throw dinner in the crock pot in the morning. That way I can do everything around the house and then do what I want/need for the day without worrying about making a healthy dinner for everyone. Silly but for me a lifesaver.

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