The state of my sewing room

Amanda & her boyfriend will be here in a few hours (i'm hoping they'll arrive early evening, if not, i'm a little screwed..) and I must convert my 2nd bedroom from a sewing room to guest room again.
I thought this would be a good time to post about what a challenge this often is.
This is what the room looks like right now:

Here is the futon where they will sleep tonight. There are lots of quilts on the futon, but none are the kind you can sleep with yet. on the left side (next to the ironing board which is just out of the picture) there is a pile of clean-but-waiting-to-be-ironed fabric. It's been there about 3 weeks. I iron a few pieces whenever I have time. Underneath the futon is fabric for a bag that I started to make and ran out of time for, and a pile of fabric pieces that I dumped out of a rubbermaid bucket so I could use the bucket for last weekend's retreat. the cardboard box, though it says "step into shape," is definitely NOT an exercise machine (hahaha), it's full of fabric that I shipped home from Chicago when I visitied my parents in the fall.
Now on to the other side of the room. most of the "clean" floor space will be taken up by the futon when it is in bed form. On the back of the chair hangs my pile of freshly-ironed-but-not-yet-folded-or-sorted fabric. The blue bin holds all of the fabric from Sandra's grandma that I decided to add to my own stash (oh.. 100+ yards, I'm guessing) with the T-shirt quilt pieces on top of that. Here, let's go to the close-up shot:
It would be so much easier to put notes on the photos over at flickr.. maybe that's what I'll do. Anyway, in the corner there are 2 rubbermaid bins which used to go on the shelf, but somehow they don't exactly fit anymore. on top of that is the quilted bag which holds the fabric for Theresa's garden quilt, and it all balances precariously on top of a wooden box of japanese quilting magazines (what else?). The large cardboard box with Japanese writing on it was a package I received from Mrs. K. for my birthday, full of sewing notions, kimono silks, and a full kimono/hapi set (ahhh, a blog post i had ment to write but never got around to). the tiny cardboard box is a care package of fabric that I was planning to send to Kome's grandma, but again, the time to complete the project has escaped me. The tower of fabric balancing on the cardboard box is all part of the Wonder Quilt, still in UFO form. It had been in the blue bin, but got "relocated" to make room for the new stash.

So, what does your sewing room look like these days? I must admit that partial inspiration for this post came from luckybeans's recent posts about her children's bedroom and playroom. It's so interesting to see how people organize and store their stuff.
Ok, on to the second part. What does all this mess mean? I want to make a list of what I'm "working on."
+quilting small star quilt (Travel QUilt #1)
+piecing big star quilt (Travel Quilt #2)
+finishing the top of the T-shirt quilt
+maybe making a bag for school?
+making the applique block for the guild raffle quilt
and other more distant UFOs:
in the piecing stage--
+Theresa's garden quilt
+red fan quilt
+Wonder quilt
in the quilting stage (or waiting to be quilted)--
+Atlanta farewell
+yellow & blue hawaiian applique
+Tessalating stars throw (Satoru)
+Winding ways (Alethia) [just needs 3-4 more hours of quilting]
I think that's it. notice many projects have been on the to do list/ufo pile for a looooong time. I think I rotate through ufos, and never really finish anything. but it's ok. so long as I can find it when I want to work on it again, right?


amandajean said...

thanks for showing us your sewing room. I thought about sharing photos of mine a few days back, but I chickened out.

enjoy your guests!

SuzyQSparkles said...

That was VERY REFRESHING and SURPRISINGLY FAMILIAR all at the same time! It looked so much like my sewing room... when I had one. Now, it's spread out between my tiny apartment living/dining space, my closet, and an off-site storage shed. Still, I have AT LEAST as many projects as you've listed "on hand" here in my apartment, so, I can flit about whenever the mood switches. I am finding myself to be more productive since moving here (without a seperate sewing room)... I have fewer projects out and visible, and it's "easier" to work on them, being right in the flow of my family's life. I'm rambling. Thanks for sharing!

Suzy :D

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Boy does your sewing room look like my sewing corner...especially the rubbermaid boxes with the folded fabric!!

Quilting Mama said...

Your sewing room looks about like mine. I try to keep the main work table and the cutting table cleared off but rarely succeed.

I LOVE those quilts with the stars, especially the one pictured on the right...spectacular!

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