Retreat Recap

My weekend didn't start off so great... Friday morning I was driving to work in light snow and rear-ended someone on a side street. Yeah. As we pull over to inspect the damage (all to my car, his was fine) I'm thinking, 'Does this mean I can't go quilting this weekend?'

The fender bender is gonna be a set-back. Now we're weighing the options of paying out of pocket or taking the insurance surcharge.. neither sound appealing and my dreams of an international vacation in '08 just went down the tubes. The appraiser said the care was 'drivable' so after a loooong day at work, I headed down to the Cape.

I got in after 8p.m. and settled into the smaller (but better lit) of the two rooms the hotel had set aside for us. I sat with Joan & Janet:
and we were entertained by Carolyn & Donna:

Janet made about a million flying geese, Joan put together a block of the month (no pictures, but it was fabulous!), Carolyn had a great scrappy tessellating star throw, and Donna finished up this star quilt (the name of the pattern escapes me, Navy Star? Marine Star? She has a son in the military...)Highlights of the weekend included the mad frenzy that insued when I shouted "Free fabric!!" and let everyone pick through the 4 bags of fabric that I got from a co-worker's grandmother and donated to the guild. It was hysterical-- the ladies dove through that pile... it was hard not to get photos of a bunch of rear-ends...I worked diligently on my t-shirt quilt from last year, but I guess it was more unfinished than I remembered because I wasn't able to complete it, even though it was the only thing I worked on all weekend. I did get close though-- I sewed the blocks into rows, and now I've got to put the rows together. It's big and i really like how it came out.

I managed to avoid the pressure and I didn't visit any quilt shops this weekend (the Cape has 3 or 4 nice ones), actually, I hardly spent any money at all. I have a feeling my efforts at frugality will increase 10-fold with the impending car repairs.. wish me luck.


PJ said...

Oh, my...glad you were alright.. what a nice retreat it looked like. The ladies grabbing fabric reminds me of children getting candy from a pinata ;)

Denise (Nour) said...

Impressive T-shirt quilt! I noticed the Smith T-shirt. My daughter graduated in 2005, It's a small world!

amandajean said...

sorry about your fender bender. that is just the pits!

I love the t-shirt quilt. it looks fabulous. and your weekend looks pretty fun as well. laughing at the photo of everyone rummaging through the bags of fabric. (I'd be right there with them.)

MARIA V said...

and I do wish you luck, what beautiful work you do on quilts

Marley said...

gorgeous!!! I remember that elephant shirt. that's the nicest tshirt quilt I've ever seen--most are just big teeshirt squares, not nearly as pretty.

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