More morsbags

Amanda & Dan did make it in the early evening, and by that time the house was nice and tidy. I wasn't surprized when Amanda wanted me to show Dan all the quilts I had made/was working on, but when she suggested that he make a MorsBag right away I kind of just went with the flow. Me, stop people from sewing?! never!

So we pulled up the pattern on the computer and Dan picked out fabrics (this process took much less time than I would have expected.. i totally wanted to play with my stash a bit more). I cut, Amanda ironed, and Dan learned how to use the sewing machine. It was pretty cool. He was very patient with the two giddy crafters, and in just under an hour, he had a new shopping bag. (pics of the final product forthcoming.....)


PJ said...

Oh this is neat!..and a man allowing you to TAKE a picture of him sewing- I love it! your guest room is just like mine...craft/guest with a futon :)

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

That's a great shopping bag, it's interesting that I pulled your blog first, since I'm also making some reusable shopping bags. I like your use of fabric-it all needs to be used!... at least that's my thought, cause then you can buy more...smile

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