Grad School

I am in the middle of my second week of grad school and... I love it.
sure, we haven't covered much yet, and I've only had one assignment so far, but the subject matter thrills me. finally i have words to attach to so many ideas and thoughts floating through my head. I still can't talk about the subjects clearly, but I hope that will come in time.

Of course the balance of getting things to run smoothly at home and at work while still managing the guild and not feeling overwhelmed with school has not quite sorted itself out yet. I'm getting everything done but a bit behind with replying to emails. I did do some laundry and housecleaning tonight though, and at the moment I'm a bit amazed that I can handle it all. Taking the train in to Boston two nights a week and having the dicipline to walk away from the attractive husband curled up in front of the tv to go study will take some getting used to, but it definitely helps that I love love love what I'm studying.

Thanks to everyone who answered my guild related questions from last week. We have our annual retreat coming up this weekend and I'm sure we'll spend some time discussing guild management. Who knows, I might come back from the weekend with more questions..
For tonight I've got one more article to read on verbal hygiene, and a few more stars to piece. Maybe I can squeeze in one more retreat-prep post before Friday, we'll see. With less time to daydream I'm taking a pretty carefree approach to packing (which is very unlike me). Tonight I might even pull out the suitcase..

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