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Julie's post the other day kind of caught me off guard. I read tons of craft blogs and shy away from all political ones (even though my husband is a sometime contributer at the Greek Libretarian blog, eRooster), and it was interesting to see "crafters" as a group join up to support a candidate.
such a good idea though, that I decided to do it:

It was not an easy decision to decide who to support in this coming election, but by now, Super Tuesday, I think my household has decided where our one vote will be most useful (one vote between us because C is not a US citizen). I do not wish to argue politics on my blog, but I do urge any of you in a state having a primary today to get out and vote.

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Anonymous said...

only a woman can bring real change obama is just another good ole boy at the whitehouse..ladies get with it ..

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