How fast is this going?

I've been telling people that the English paper piecing I'm doing goes really fast, and to me, it feels like it does. But then, each side of each diamond is only 1.5", so sewing each side does go quickly. Sewing them all together though...

I have made a lot of progress on this quilt, but when I lay it out on the bed, I think only 1/5th of the top is done. Maybe I could call it 1/4, but then i know I'll be putting on a thicker border. Anyway.
There have been some issues, mainly that i was running out of template pieces. I bought one pack last year and bought another in November, for a total of 120 diamonds. I also got a pack of coordinating (1.5" long on each side) hexagons, to smooth out the edges on either side of the quilt so I wouldn't have to deal with 1/2 stars. I thought this would free up more diamond templates, and it has, but I still don't have enough. When I had this problem with Travel Quilt #1, I added one side of the border and freed up all the diamonds that had been stablizing that edge. Knowing that this is what I would have to do again, I have had the inner border fabric chosen, washed, cut, pieced and ready to go for days now. But for some reason that final bottom edge is just not getting finished. You can see a bit of it inthe photo above, on the bottom there is a gap between the light blue star in the right corner and the white one to the left. This gap will fit 2 stars. Just 2 more stars til I can sew on the border and have the freedom to let this project continue at a faster pace. Ahhh... Realizing that it won't be done (meaning i can't sew the inner border on to this one edge) before Monday is somehow very sad to me. I thought if I could atleast get it to that point then.... I don't know. It's one of these bizzare personal-creation dilemmas.
Another bit of trouble was that I was running out of stars. I didn't want to cut into yardage for any of them, but most of my scraps of appropriate size have been cut up, and having to choose which large pieces of fabric to cut into is also posing a mental challenge. I had wanted it to all be blues & greens. If you check out the photos, that isn't really happening. I have tons of the right size scraps to cut up (anything less than a fat quarter is fair game at this point) but I still have some reservations on color choice. This will work itself out eventually though. This quilt is taking much more fabric than I had originally anticipated anyway, and at some point I will love it and cut 2 1/8" diamonds from all of my most coveted fabrics.
It started as a "use what you have" project and now, with my pledge not to buy fabric in '08, it will definitely stay that way. The pale blue diamonds are coming from a fairly large piece (i think i had more than 2 yards to start) that has some bad sun damage. Maybe you can tell from the pic above? Cut into such tiny pieces it works really well though.
Ugh, i had not ment for this post to come off as complaining or disapointed. I am very happy and proud of this quilt so far, and I still get quite obsessed with the piecing, but it's getting big and I want to see it into the next stage already, you know? The deep red strips of inner border lay next to my cutting board and I really want to see how they'll look on the quilt. If I free up all those templates the project will once again be portable (I'll start another section working from the edge in, and attach it when I run out of templates again), and it's not like I have any travel planned for the coming weeks, but you know me, in case I have to go somewhere, i need to take something with me..


amandajean said...

it's very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you really think that you can go a whole year without buying fabric? i am having a very difficult time just getting through January! or else you must have some stash. :)

...dotty... said...

Beautiful. I made one of these 6 pointed stars and I love it. But I took the easy way out and set large hexagons between......but of course, my excuse was having a place for pretty handquilting. Not sorry I did that at all.
I'm really big on not adding to my fabrics right now either, if it means BUYING. But my friends in Oklahoma keep enhancing my stash via USPS and, believe me, it has already saved a project or two !
Happy scrapping !

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