92 and counting

Thanks to the words of encouragement I got on my last post and on the pictures over at flickr, last night I took a deep breath and tackled the inner border. It's a lengthy process, first removing the templates and ironing a crisp edge, then basting, then measuring the border and pinning the star piece into place, then basting again, and finally appliqueing the blue onto the red. I've got one corner basted and about 12" appliqued, but already I feel better than yesterday. I rescued 22 templates from the basted edge, not counting the hexagons. SuzyQ left a comment suggesting I keep a list of projects on my side bar for motivation. I like the idea and have tried it before, but for now I think I'll just keep track of stars. As of right now there are 92 stars in the top so far. I'll change the number in the sidebar as I stitch on more.


PJ said...

Simply put..absolute WOW! ..all those little perfect points. You do such great work!

amandajean said...

it's amazing.

Denise (Nour) said...

Your paper-piecing is beautiful and I love the new look to your blog. Good job!

Gillian said...

Thank you for posting this detail of your quilt.

I am working on a 'baby block' quilt that is very similar -- using scraps and providing a portable hand sewing project when needed.

I am glad to see your approach to borders as I think I'll do something similar when I get to that point. I think I'll get one of the borders in place pronto!

SuzyQSparkles said...

SO TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL!!! All that hand work! Give me some oxygen. :D

I did a hand pieced Grandmothers Flower Garden table runner two years ago, just thirteen flowers. This is AMAZING! It's going to be WONDERFUL when you finish, but so much fun getting their too.

Now, about the blue and green... no way! It looks great all scrappy, just keep it going. You are so brave to piece something without laying out all the blocks first... I always admire quilts that are completely random, but I try to control mine more than that... I suppose that with the templates, you have to reclaim your tools and so, the quilt must just go together!


The Calico Cat said...


African Kelli said...

that is some beautiful art in construction. wow! I am super impressed.

Lea said...

WOW!!!! Your hexagons are stunning!!! I love to see more! Thank you for sharing us your awesome project. su-go-i-ne~:-)

Mette said...

It's beautiful! I'll be back.

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