December 13

I'm sick. it's no fun. I stayed home from work today to get some rest. I thought I might write some Christmas cards, but after a few of them the cold meds kicked in and I got really drowsy. I crawled into bed and stayed there til Costas called to tell me they were shutting down the University due to the weather. I looked outside and everything was covered with snow. Glad I didn't go out today~ the porch probably has more than twice as much snow on it now, and I took the pic only 6 hours ago.
After my nap I had a little energy so I threw my neck warmer in the microwave and started baking cookies. I made the neck warmer for Costas, but it's just a prototype and it's a little floppy. I made another with more filler to be worn like a scarf and he likes that one better. They are so easy to make and convenient to have, I've made a bunch in the past week. I want to give them as Christmas presents, but they're heavy. Must see if it's possible to make the pouches and fill them once we get to Chicago..

Anyway, the cookie recipes came from here and here. I sort of combined things and picked the parts I liked from each recipe. I ran out of pecans half way through so I used chopped walnuts on the last two dozen, but they came out great. Best part-- Costas loves them.I felt kind of guilty about staying home from work, but then I try to stand up or move quickly and realize that I'm still sick. I should be able to make it through tomorrow with some cold meds though, I would hate to put off all my work til the last week. Just 5 more workdays til Christmas vacation...

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