Inspiration in blue & white

Yesterday I was browsing the internet for something else and stumbled across Jan's photo album of the 2006 Tokyo Int'l quilt festival. I bookmarked the page and didn't allow myself to look at them all at once.. but when I got to this one, and the detailed view shown below, I stopped. that's it. that's what I love. I think that's what I want to make one day, but not yet, because i'm sure it will take a long long time.
I am sewing steadily every day. I have decided to try to sew every day of my 28th year (birthday was this past Wednesday). Is that an unrealistic goal? I think of what the next 363 days might hold, and I really don't know if it will be possible, but at least I'll try.


carrster said...

Good luck on your goal-reaching! Sounds like a good one to me. That blue quilt is lovely. I'm sure you can make one equally as so. You're so very talented.

The Calico Cat said...

That is a pretty quilt, I really like the quilting! (Why can't I think of anything like that for my own quilts?)

carolyn@crankymonkeybutt.com said...

happy birthday! :)

i think that's a good goal. you know, as a "goal" not a "requirement". there will probably be days when it just doesn't happen!

J said...

Pretty! That quilt reminds me of the one I posted about (picture is towards the bottom of the entry):

Sewing a little bit every day can give you big results! Good luck with your goal for the coming year.

Sarah Jayne said...

What a great goal to have set yourself. I'm sure you'll do fine.
Hope you had a great birthday.

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