Amy's visit

Amy and I have been friends for ages, since way back when we used to run all over Kyoto, write stupid essays in Japanese, and complain about our O-kas. She has always been a huge supporter of my creative efforts. When she told me she was taking a class at City Quilter and wanted to come over and sew together, I decided to make her a little sewing kit. We all know that having cute things makes working on any task more enjoyable, deshou?

It is similar to the other sewing kits I've made but I changed the size so it would hold a pair of crane scissors and (shock) I finished it in just under 10 hours. The front is machine pieced and hand quilted, the inside is a mix between machine and hand work. The best parts about making it were:
+the front plum blossom fabric is one that I've been coveting in my stash, not knowing how to use. I'm so glad she picked it.
+everything came from my stash, even the zippers.
+after having sorted my scraps a few weeks ago, I knew exactly where to find that bit of brown bias tape for the edges.
+Amy likes it!
It was a quick visit but we were able to catch up on a lot of things. I only barely scratched the surface on all the quilting things I wanted to tell her, but there's time. Already she has identified an interest in Denyse Schmidt and the first block she drafted showed a lot of original style. Ah. I just have this wealth of knowledge (read: internet links, blogs, etc) that she needs to look at, but I don't want to overwhelm her. Hopefully the hobby will stick and we'll have a chance to sew together again soon. At any rate, I hope she has patience for all the links I'm about to start sending her...


Kathie said...

Beautiful job--what a gorgeous gift! I know your friend must have been tickled.

carolyn said...

sounds a great visit! old friends / new crafts / yay! :)

corry said...

What a beautiful gift! You used gorgeous fabric too!

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