November 6

Today there was a good thing that happened today, and a bad thing:

Good=Amy emailed to say she's coming this weekend (yay!)
Bad=Costas shaved his beard!! I had asked him to grow it out until my birthday, but he said it was getting itchy. hmph.
I went to Walgreens to print the pics from my memory card and as I was going through the 398 photos on there I found some gems I had forgotten about. Here are a few more stunning quilts from our September show. The bags quilt and the folded flowers are by Janet Elia of Taunton, MA. I love how she used different plaids for the backgrounds but none of the lines match up. The shapes and textures in this quilt are amazing. One of the purses even opens.. The folded flowers was one the one I chose for "Guild Member's Choice." One day I hope to have the chance to play in Janet's fabric stash. Or atleast her scrap bin...
The random squares quilt is by Patty Sawyer of S. Middleboro, MA (my longarmer). One day I will make one of these. Or wait, I guess I kind of have one already... maybe I'll post pics of that UFO sometime soon.

I came home late tonight and now I have no energy for sewing.. plus it's freezing in here!! I just want to curl up and go to bed. Someone is spreading the rumor that we'll have snow flurries tomorrow, but I hope to God that isn't true. I'm so not ready for winter driving.

Tomorrow's topic: what do you love and hate about winter? Comment with your answer and I'll write my post on it tomorrow.


May Britt said...

I love the quilt with the baskets!!
What I hate about winter. Waking up in the morning and it's soooo cold inside the house. But when I get the fire burning in my fireburner I can cuddle under a quilt and have a cup of tea. Another thing I hate is to have my car covered with snow!!!!

carolyn said...

The ONLY thing I hate about winter is it being pitchblack outside when I am leaving for work in the morning.

I love the cold, I love snow, I love ice, I love it. Winter is my favorite season. :)

corry said...

The quilt with all the bags is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I love winter! We don't have snow or ice every winter, but it can be cold. I love it when it's cold and dark outside and warm in the house.

Helen said...

I love the bag quilt! Stunning! Just found your blog through flickr. :)

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