hito-hari, hito-hari

I have been so productive lately. Maybe a little too productive, I keep jumping from project to project..
Yesterday we drove to Providence and I spent over an hour piecing Travel Quilt #2 at the Starbucks by Brown University as Costas graded the last of his midterm exams. When we got home I cut and sewed the binding on the Comfort Star and then spent the rest of the evening stitching it down.
I've got one side left to go. Then tonight I put the borders on my crosses quilt,
and tomorrow I'm planning to spend a few hours working on the quilt project that the autistic students at my school have put together. My head's not spinning, but I really really love the fabrics I'm using; getting to feel them and see them go together. I can't wait to post a pic of the Crosses quilt.. it's busy, but it displays a lot of special fabrics.
I have a bunch of other small projects on my mind too, and I'm trying so hard to stay focused on the big ones first. It doesn't help that there's all sorts of Chrismas crafty inspiration in blogland these days. My favorite has been Corry's ornaments. Too cute~

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carolyn said...

hey - i love that star quilting! i need another picture of it so i can see how they connect! i might try to do that on (at least one of) these quilts!

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