Quilt Show!!

Wow, where to start?
I just completed an exhausting, exhilarating stint as the volunteer coordinator for my very first quilt show. The show was fantastic, bigger and better that I could have imagined. It took place in a middle school gym and cafeteria about 30 minutes from home (the drive back and forth added to my exhaustion, of course), but for our first show, it was perfect. 200 quilts, 500 guests over two days. Excellent door prizes, auction baskets, vendors...
Here are two of the pieces I submitted: It was so strange to see them outside of my home..
I finished quilting (almost), binding and putting the sleeve on the Winding Ways last Tues, Weds & Thursday nights after work, so my fingers were sore and I wasn't getting any sleep. I wasn't very pleasant or coherent during the show set-up on Friday and I was so nervous about the show all day Saturday that I forgot to eat. Saturday night I came home and collapsed on the couch. Today I felt much better and got to spend time really admiring the show and talking to people. The guild is still so young that many of us don't really know each other yet. It was great to sit and chat with people. I'm looking forward to having a good year with the guild.
Here are some of my favorite quilts from the show:
Tessellating Stars by Thelma Nuttall.

Red Radiance by Diana R. Annis
Skyrockets by Joann Borges
So much inspiration, so much fun. All our hard work was definitely worth it. I'll try to upload the rest of my pics over at flickr later this week, but it just occurred to me that I've got my first ESL classes tomorrow, and a house that has been sorely neglected as I scrambled to finish the quilt.. so maybe I won't get to that right away..


Lexi said...

yay nicely done -- love ya girlie, your quilt came out beautifully! Can't wait to see in person sometime!

Sarah Jayne said...

What great quilts you entered. The show looks very good - space to be able to stand back and really look at them all. Thanks for sharing the photos with us all.

Peggy said...

Both quilts are lovely. WOW! What a lot of work to set up a show--congrats on what appears to be a job well done!

corry said...

Your quilts are beautiful! The other quilts are fabulous also! 200 quilts... that must have been some show.. congrats!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great success. Your winding ways quilt turned out so well. I love fall quilt shows--they give me a lot of inspiration for quilting in cooler weather.

Kathie said...

Love that Winding Ways. On eof my favorite patterns ever. Not to take anything away from the applique piece--it's beautiful too! Congrats on a successful show. Lots of work.

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