In one year of having a counter on my blog (put it up on 9/3 last year), I've had 8020 hits to my page. That's pretty cool, thanks for stopping by.(*me at Ancient Olympia)
I've spent the morning sorting through quilt show volunteer stuff and setting up a yahoogroup for my guild. I still feel pretty out of the loop though, but that'll all change soon.
Friends are coming by in an hour and we're going to drive down to the beach. All of us spend the summer in Greece so I'm kind of dreading the discussions/complaints of comparisons, but what can you do? I'll be happy to be there. Hopefully they'll follow my lead.

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Marisa said...

Nice shot of you. My summer hardly compares to your travels, but anyhow, it was a beautiful one. Sometimes staying in your own backyard has its rewards, but the little travel bug in me is still enjoying hearing of your adventures.

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