Green Corn?

The fabric painting went well for the most part. I had fun playing around with a sponging technique I discovered. Kind of looks like corn, doesn't it? I wanted to try some in yellows and oranges, but ran out of drying room before I had finished playing with green..

I laid the pieces of panted fabric out to dry in the sun on sheets of freezer paper, but maybe from the heat the wax on the paper transfered to the fabric, and when I went to heat-set the paint with the iron, the paint/wax transfered to my iron. I've now got a nice thin layer of green on my iron-- anyone know how to get that off?
I ran out and bought a new iron so C wouldn't freak out when he pressed green stripes onto his work shirts. It's a T-Fal, I haven't used it yet, but I'm a little excited about it.
I pulled the pink & green quilt out and started quilting again.. if I keep a steady pace I may be able to finish it before the show, but I think I'm underestimating how long it will take to make & attach bias binding. C said something about going to the beach tomorrow, but if we don't end up doing that, I may tackle the binding..
Summer vacations are ending and I'm hoping I can stay centered and balanced once I go back to work. I must remember that home is the most important place, family is the most important thing. I'll do my best not to work too late or let my thoughts and emotions get wrapped up in that place where I feel so needed. I'm needed here too, mustn't forget that.


Peggy said...

I really like green material you painted! Sorry about the iron...

Violette said...

The sponge technique looks like fun. Does the paint manufacturer have recommendations on how to clean the paint off of the iron?

Kathie said...

I think the fabric looks terrific. Keep experimenting!

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