August 29th

Sometimes i want to get a dog. especially when i see cute photos like this. What I'd really like is a kitten, but Costas isn't a cat person (he isn't an animal person, really), and if you've ever seen the street cats in Athens, you'd understand why I don't think he'll ever be able to love a house cat the way I would.

Theresa had a dog, a fat little black & white chihuahua called Bart. Bart's a pain in the a**, but she loved that dog. He's only got one eye because he got bit by a bigger dog earlier this summer. I think my family is probably glad he's around now..

I grew up with lots of animals, we always had a lot of cats, then there were rabbits, mice, a chinchilla, several hamsters.. I suppose now I have chosen to have travel in my life instead of pets. I do have one turtle, Makoto, who I got from a carnival game when I was living in northern Japan. She's a girl, but I didn't know that then. She was very tiny and she kept me company while I was all alone there. I brought her to the States with me and she's come with me all the times we've moved or traveled by car in the last 5 years. I brought her with when we drove to Chicago in '05, and when we spent a week on Cape Cod last summer. She travels quite well actually. She's easy to please most of the time, but she has become a picky eater, now preferring shrimp or chicken to any "turtle food" from the store. I love her and she's still nice company, but she doesn't cuddle. If we got a dog, I think I'd want a lap dog.
But really, I'm just dreaming. We're gone much to much of the time to take on the responsibility of another, more needy animal.

Today I went to the office for a few hours and got some paperwork done. I'm working on a project whose October 15th deadline didn't seem that close at the beginning of the summer, but now my summer has disappeared and I've got a lot to do still if I want things to get done on time. Tonight I'm making muffins from a friend's recipe. Oh, by the way, it's her birthday today! She is a wonderfully creative artist and toymaker and her works always make me smile.

Still no quilting around here, but I did start choosing fabrics for Theresa's quilt and I also bought some fabric paint which I might experiment with tomorrow..

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Jennifer said...

Welcome back, Jessica. I am also catching up on blogs after a busy summer, and I am sorry that you have been through so much grief in such a short time. It is nice to see that you are working on beautiful quilting projects to help work through it. Thoughts are with you. And from one cat person to another, I know how you feel about wanting a cat.

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