Playing catch-up, or relaxing in disguise?

I've been home for 2 days, and while the first night was very difficult (the jet lag mixed with reality was pressing down on me like a thick down jacket- stifling, all I wanted to do was sleep), I've come to the peaceful realization that I'm very happy to be here.

I'm slowly sorting through things to get my life back in some sort of order. I'd like to stay calm and focused, to live valuing the things i know now are most important.

Costas went to the office and I stayed home. I talked to my dad on the phone for a long time, going back and forth over politics and movies, food and marriage. Later I called my sister to check in on her. Long phone calls have never been part of our relationship, but we stretched it out and it felt really good. We found ourselves discussing religion and spirituality which just talking about calmed me immensely; I asked her to call me again tomorrow.

I finished cleaning out my closet, unpacked half my suitcase, put a wedding picture in a big picture frame, answered some emails, and tried to read through the vast amount of posts on my Bloglines. I missed you guys. It was strange to read Simmy's posts about her trip to the States; I regret not being able to be a part of it. I saw pictures of children in summer attire, books, needles, berries, jams.. the bright and flowing colors of summer. It is nice to be able to live it through your blogs, I'll be happy to live it again next year, but I'm ready for fall now. Ready for cool air and sweaters, blue jeans and heavier shoes. I found myself gazing at the ear of corn I was cleaning as we prepared to barbeque last night and yearning for hay and farms and pumpkins.

(*Makiba at LookOut farm two years ago.)

I browsed through all the things you've made this summer and noticed that hexagons seem to be the current trend. Lovely, lovely. I'm sitting in my sewing room with projects all around me but no urge to start something new. The quilt show is less than a month away and still two of my 4 entries are unfinished. I won't rush yet, I can't. I feel I have a lot of time, my days are still very long. At least they're peaceful again.


Jan said...

Okaerinasai! Take your time easing back into things, Jessica. You've had quite the summer.
So nice to see you back.

Sarah Jayne said...

Glad to know you're back. Take you time.

Peggy said...

Welcome back. Glad you are finding some peaceful time.

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