A breath of fresh air

We have come back from our short trip to the Pelopponese and even though I still have bouts of overwhelming emotion, it was good to get away from the drama here and see different surroundings.
Fantastic scenes such as these helped to relax us somehow. I took many long walks up and down the beach, collecting tiny shells that had perfect holes in them, begging to be stitched onto something.

Wandering through the small towns made me wonder what it would be like to live there. Catching sight of this crochetted blanket made my heart flutter for a moment. Could I live there and do nothing but make things and teach English? Who knows, maybe one day we will.


hunnybunny said...

Your photographs are lovely. I'm happy to read you had a little bit of peace. That crochet blanket is beautiful, it's amazing how someone who loves fibers will notice these things no matter where they are, when most people would walk straight by. I can't wait to see the shells.

PJ said...

Gorgeous views and very pretty scenes! Hope you are doing well :)

monica said...

chin up and carpe diem. Even in these sad times you can find beauty and courage and love.

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