Eikaiwa Lunch Party

I know I haven't told one for a while, but here is another story from Japan..

I bet you're wondering what ever happened to those aprons I worked so hard to make, right? Here they are:
They got nicely distributed among the 5 members of the English Conversation luncheon (where the actual amount of English spoken was quite limited, but I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised about that..) Right to left are: Yuko, Mrs. K, Asako, Reiko, and Junko.
Everyone brought a dish, kind of pot-luck style. On the left is potato salad with ham, veggies, and hard boiled eggs. On the right is chirashizushi, a type of sushi traditionally made for the doll festival in March, but delicious any time. Mrs. K made a soup with vegetables and sausage and in the bottom right is my contribution-- stewed greek meatballs (which didn't really turn out as I had hoped, but they tasted good).
We sat and chatted for a couple of hours, it was quite lovely. I had prepared a few English games for us to play but we didn't end up trying any. These ladies hadn't seen each other for a while and they had a lot of catching up to do. For desert Junko made a fruit tart which was almost too pretty to eat.
Overall it was a great get together and the ladies all seemed very happy to have had the chance to meet a new American and of course I loved spending another day living the true housewife lifestyle..

There are still so many more stories but I realize now that even though it's only been a month, my memory is fading. I better act quick and write things down while I can.


Sarah Jayne said...

I'm so pleased there are more stories to come. This sounds like a great day - and the food looked very good.

corry said...

five lovely ladies and five beautiful aprons! Jessica thanks for your nice comment, I woul'd send you a mail but it didn't work.

Peggy said...

Food looked great--what a nice get together, and KUDOS on the aprons! I'm sure they loved them...

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