Bright Diamonds

Yay, Peggy guessed again and got it right this time. I'm making aprons~

I just finished cutting out the pieces for #7 & 8, and if I can stay focused and keep sewing, I'll be all good. They are so easy to make, I think I can go from start to finish in about an hour. I discovered the other thing I really like about them is that after cutting out the pattern peices, you're left with nice big scraps. I like big scraps (I like small scraps too I suppose), much better than full off-the-bolt cuts of fabric. they are so much easier to use and I feel really good using them too. I'm sitting next to a whole shelf of nicely folded yardage and I don't know what to do with any of it. But give me a bag of your unwanted scraps and I'll come up with a new project instantly, and proceed to piece it right then.
Speaking of scraps.. for the last 3 days I've been obsessed with this quilt. Isn't it fantastic? I bought plastic diamond templates a few months ago because I knew i wanted to try English paper piecing, and Thursday night I was damn glad I had them. Costas worked late and by the time he got home I had 200+ diamonds cut out and ready to go. I went through my scrap bucket and pulled out all the "Atlanta Brights" (I used to weed through the trash basket at Intown Quilters when they were working on shop samples. they always threw out great 3" strips and blocks that were an 1/8" too small...) and anything else that looked like it would fit, plus some bright white. I haven't made anything with this color pallet for a while. it's kind of fun. I needed a bit more fabric so I turned to my stacks of yardage.. but for some reason I don't have any yardage of brights. Oh yeah, because I don't like brights. Or, well, i never really liked them before now.. (except for orange. i do have some bright oranges oddly enough).
Anyway, I think this may be a more plane-friendly project so though I'll bring the McCord vine too, I'm more looking forward to work on this one. It's times like now that I truly feel like a sagittarius, I've been through what? 4 sewing projects in the last week and a half? Ok.

Costas promised to take me out for coffee. I better get going.


Miriam said...

i'm so glad you stopped by my blog, as now i got to see all of the beautiful things you make. i really admire your patience and the beautiful hand stitches.

Peggy said...

Aprons! Woo hoo! LOVE the new quilt with all the diamonds. That's a lot of precise cutting going on. Very impressive...

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