You don't have to call me Mrs. President, but...

It's been a busy week.
On Monday we had our guild meeting and...seeing as there was only one nominee for each position, I am the new president of the Silver City Quilt Guild. Woohoo~

That, plus some good weather and a healthy dose of at-work drama made me feel pretty much on top of the world and capable of anything, so I made myself a skirt.

I love this skirt. I took one of my favorites from J.Jill, laid it out on the ironing board, traced out a pattern, and voila! a couple of hours two nights after work and I have this really awesome, happy summer skirt that fits perfectly. And I even put in a zipper! (although it's a little puckered.)

It's made from a linen blend I got off of ebay in college. It has a print of little tic-tac-toe boards and pencils all over, which I guess I didn't like enough to use it in any project before now, and at the spur of the moment I decided to use the back side instead of the front. I thought it would be a good sample, before i tried it out with fabric I loved.. but I ended up loving it. And it's really nice.. the linen blend hangs really well, I think I could even wear it to work. Do you know how happy this makes me? Something I made does not have to be religated to the back of the closet and only come out for weekends or quilt meetings. This point thrills me to no end. Sorry, a little over excited..

Today I'm off for an oil change and then for a stitch-in at the Lyons Hall. Hopefully I can chat with some other guild members about what needs to be done for my new position. Should be fun. Have a great weekend~~


Peggy said...

Wonderful skirt! And traced from another skirt--I am very impressed! Greetings to the new pres--I'm sure you will do a super job.

Kathie said...

Congratulations on attaining high office! The skirt looks fabulous and so does the star quilt. I have great admiration for you ambitious hand-piecers.

Kyra said...

It is a wonderful skirt - and you just traced the pattern!? I made a jumper once and it was .... well, just wore it a couple times. Better to stick with quilting!

Kyra - another multi-cultural quilter!

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