KG Krafts in Fall River

Let's file this away under "pleasant surprises" and "local secrets."

Today I discovered kg krafts right here in Fall River.
Last night at the Quilt show meeting @ Marie's we were trying to get an idea of how much still needed to be done for the show and if we were on the right track. Some areas that are lacking (sadly) are ads for the program and vendors for the show. Everyone vowed to make a stronger effort and come up with ideas. I started online. "What the heck," I thought, "let's search for "yarn" on Yahoo local.."

When I saw several entries for shops that sell yarn, right here in my town, believe me, I was surprised. I knew there was one on Rt. 6 in Somerset (Knitting Circle) and I've mentioned Westport Yarns before, but I was so happy to find KG Krafts, so when I got home tonight, I headed straight over.

Karen, the shopkeeper, is really nice, and they have lots and lots and lots of yarn. Wow. if only I knitted. She's also got scrapbooking stuff, paint crafts, seasonal decorative crafts, cookie cutters, and a bunch more. You name it, she probably has it. I was impressed. I asked her about buying an ad or vending at the show and hopefully she'll get back to me. It would be really great if she would set up a booth at the show, she's got such a great assortment, I'm sure she would put together a nice display.

Here's what I picked up: Some trim (possibly for another skirt..), two pigma micron pens, and a spool of yellow verigated pearl cotton #8. All things I needed and was happy to find.

Well, I think I'll spend the rest of the night working to get my quilt entry submissions put together. If I send a few at a time it won't take that long..

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