i found one

Today I found a haberdashery shop, just like the ones Jane had everyone talking about here last month. As I walked in and started down one aisle, i immediately thought of her. After some small talk, I introduced myself to Jeannette, the shopkeeper, and found out that she's also a quilter. I initially drove out there (Rt. 6, Westport) because there used to be a little quilt shop in that strip, but Jeannette told me that they closed down about a year ago. It wasn't a very good quilt shop, so it's not like it's a big deal to me, but finding Westport Yarn & Art Supplies might just have been one of the highlights of my week.
I have been spending money like mad all month, using Christmas as an excuse, but buying too many presents for myself along the way. I ordered this book on Amazon and had it sent to my parents' house so I can try out crocheting while I'm home. I had been pretty good about not buying crochet stuff on my shopping trips because i knew i needed to stay focused and that I'd have more time next week, but i couldn't resist when i saw what was in the shop today... and she's still selling it all at (*gasp*) original prices! In some cases she even has some things marked 50% off to get rid of them. She offered to teach me how to crochet too. How sweet is that.
If I am able to develop a relationship with this woman, who seems quite nice on first impression, I will eventually tell her how she can triple her profits (a generous understatement) should she ever decide to sell this stuff online. But for now I'll cherish my new found treasures and wait to see what the new year holds.

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